game lodge set against hills and big blue sky

Babanango – The Jewel Of Southern Zululand

The Babanango area is malaria-free and found in the centre of the Kingdom of Zululand, the traditional home of the Zulu people. Zulu means ‘heaven’ in isiZulu, the local language, and the natural beauty of the area testifies to the wisdom in that name with its valleys, forests, rolling grasslands and tumbling rivers.

The name Babanango translates as ‘Father, there it is’. This refers to the high hill which is a local landmark. Another local landmark is the mighty White Umfolozi River, which carves its way through the landscape.

We suggest packing according to your itinerary while keeping in mind that things may change. As you are embarking on a safari adventure, it’s always best to keep to neutral tones, especially when you will be going out for hikes and game drives – this allows for a more unintrusive experience for the animals you may encounter.

Things to add to your checklist:

Prescription medication
Sunblock, hats and sunglasses
Camera and binoculars
Hiking gear
Comfortable shoes
Warm clothing for early morning and late night game drives

Due to the subtropical climate, Zululand is a fantastic year-round destination. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are chilly and dry, making hiking and mountain biking along the trails that criss-cross the reserve a must-do for the adventurous.

Zululand – ‘Place of Heaven’

Land of the Zulu and the site of their 19th century kingdom, the Zululand soil is rich in history. Famous for the great warrior King Shaka, under whom the Zulu people established their dominance over their neighbours and for a brief time colonial forces armed with superior weapons, Zululand is now a peaceful place known for its warm hospitality.